Finacial services for Australian innovators
Financial services for Australian innovators
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At Vault, we add value beyond traditional accounting practices utilising scalable tools and integrated
business advising.

Working to keep our clients informed on the financial landscape of their company ensures a competitive advantage.

We are helping our clients reach their business goals using tailored financial solutions that last.

About Vault Accounting

Our Services

Business Advisory

Our advisory services focus on a strategic review of your business to gain insights so we can formulate key action steps to help you to achieve your key business objectives.

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Crypto Consulting

We provide reporting solutions whether you are investing in Cryptocurrencies or running a Blockchain business. In addition we can provide detailed advice on structuring, taxation and product specific compliance advice.

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Accounting Compliance

Processes supported by the Xero Software suite help streamline traditional accounting offerings like bookkeeping, tax lodgement and financial data management. The live data produced enables us to provide accurate tax planning and business advice.

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Portfolio Reporting

We provide standalone investment portfolio reporting for shares, property and crypto with our subsidiary Vault Portfolio. Combining this with our tax offering enables us to conduct tax planning for your portfolio as well as a structure review to ensure that you are trading and investing within the best structure for your investment strategy.

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Our Approach

Changes happening in the accounting and financial service industries are rapid and exciting. We want our clients to have an informed view of their business's financial data so that they can make the most lucrative decisions moving forward.

Understand your goals

Working to keep our clients informed on the financial landscape of their company ensures a competitive advantage.

Diagnose the risk

Understanding the nuance of each client's business lets us provide the most effective financial advising. This happens most often at the intersection of our compliance and advisory services.

Provide a clear path forward

We believe there is always room for improvement. Connecting our clients with emerging technology and developing their internal processes allows us to make a difference at both big and small scale.

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